Title of Practice:- “ Parent Relation Office” (PRO)

Our institute developed the parent relation office and appointed a person named P.R.O. with two supporting staff to look after the activities of students and to make good relations between our college, parents and students.


The goals of P.R.O. are as follows.


  • To facilitate closer bounds between faculty student and their families.
  • To convey the regular attendance and students progression to the parents.
  • To take the feedback of parents.
  • To communicate teachers, alumina, students and parents through electronics media of PRO.
  • To increase involvement of student in college activities.

The Context:-

  • The vision, mission and goals of institute is to tmpart higher education of science to the students of rural area of this region.
  • Most of students of are college came from rural area so their parents could not constant touch with college about their Daughters sons progress.
  • Many of students are helpless victims of purr family atmosphere. A father is farmer, mother is housewife, land is dry, financial constraints and health problems can shatter the hopes and aspiratations of the student.
  • Such family background tends to student away from education and it is impossible for them to concentrate on their studies in such atmosphere.
  • Some parents are busy in their jobs so its our job to inform the parents about their ward.
  • Parents are much worried about their daughters. We can improve their faith on our college.
  • We want good suggestions from parents to improve our institution.
  • Day to day maintenance of academic records.
  • This practice gives importance to the role of PRO as monitor, counselor, facilitate closer bonds between the faculty, students and their families and positively affects the academic as well as the overall performance of the student.

The Practice:-

As per the above discussed matter, our institute appointed a P.R.O. by taking interviews. The person, (Generally ladies) is selected by considering her qualification and experience. Our institute decided to appoint a ladies candidate who is post graduate in science so that she also from can understand the problems of science students. In addition to the appointment of P.R.O. a supporting system is also developed with P.R.O.

This supporting system includes a computer operator, computer system and supporting software. Our institute purchased the software which are useful to maintain the attendance of students, as well as to send SMS to parents, bout their ward. Software are purchased from Mr. S.R. Soni having cost Rs.50,000/-

  • In Parent Relation Office one fulltime Parent Relation Officer is appointed and there are two additional supporting staff is appointed.
  • This PRO sent the Presenty / Absenty reports to the parents.
  • This PRO communicates the parents by using the phone about the students progression.
  • This PRO calls the meeting of faculty, student and parents twice the year.
  • The PRO also arranges the meeting of Alumni.
  • At any time in year the parents can contact with faculty through PRO and he can check attendance / mark list and overall progress of student.

Evidence of Success:-

By providing above system to students, we get overall success in different

ways as follows.

  • Regularity of students is increased to large extent.
  • Involvement of student in different activities is increased.
  • Parents are satisfied bout institution.
  • We developed a ‘Suvidha Kendra’ in college according to parents fed back.
  • Improvement in teachers is also observed.
  • We have restructured our time table according to convenience of student.
  • We are going to develop automatic attendance system.
  • Development of students in his academic performance.
  • Bridge the gap between college, parents and students.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:-

  • The Students who are in hostel the PRO cannot communicate with their parent.
  • Some of the parents from rural area cannot contact the college after the communication also.
  • Due to the tight schedule of the semester pattern teachers have little time to give overall performance to the PRO and parents.
  • The software and the expenses of the SMS and communication is one of the problem.


The practice “Parent Relation Office” is a healthy practice. This healthy practice increases overall performance of student and that communication the faculty, student parents. It forms the closer relation between teacher, parent and student. Due to this the confidence of student goes on increasing that they will attract towards the college and quality education.

This healthy practice can adopt all the institutions.