Principal, Dayanad Science College, Latur.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Dayanand Science College website and our 58 years of existence. During this period Dayanand Science college under the umbrella of Dayanand Education Society became a premier institute in the Maharashtra state for science teaching and research. We have built and endured a legacy not only on the magnitude of our experience in education but also because we continuously embrace innovation and exploration. We believe deeply that quality education is a necessary precondition for better world, and pledge with efforts to ensure that our college meet all the students in well equipped, well-resourced and well-staffed campuses that are essential in quality of the education to provide them. We take pride in our commitment to offer programmes that draw on research and best practices as well as acting with the wealth knowledge and experience of our component faculty. Together, we aim to create a relevant, engaging and challenging educational experience for all the students.

Our entire staff is committed to establishing a college environment that allows students to flourish and grow on all levels, meanwhile enjoying their learning experience. We work together to inspire the young students to build up their career and transform themselves into decent human beings. The college is not just focusing on imparting academic knowledge to the wards, but it is also bent on imbibing life skills, soft skills, add on courses skills, and communicative skills to help them in honing up their personality in this communicative world. For the overall development in college infrastructural, Laboratory equipments, Sport equipments, facilities, the college regularly applying for UGC, DST for getting funding in various schemes. We keep on searching, renewing, expanding and attempting to be ever relevant as per the changing situations of the times. That is why we enjoy a place of eminence among the educational institutions in the state.

Specially, our Jr. College is most popular and is a pioneer in the development of ”Latur Pattern” in education which has been adopted and implement by many other colleges in the state. There are big tasks coming up in the near future to be accomplished like: Autonomy, NAAC Re-Accreditation and proposal for CPE. with the great zeal of the college fraternity and a strong support system of the college management teaching, Non-teaching the college can steer towards the set goals.