The college has well-equipped and spacious laboratories with facilities like electricity, inverter connections with 20kv and 15kv ,water connections, gas connections, fire extinguisher and all the types of lab apparatus and tools. Post graduate laboratories are separate and well-equipped with sophisticated instruments and recognized as Research Laboratories by University. The Laboratory complex is having well-equipped research laboratory in Chemistry and Microbiology.

The College is enriched with equipped Computer Laboratories with LAN and broadband internet facility on each terminal. There are separate Laboratories for B.Sc.and M.Sc. (Computer Science).

Sr.No. Particulars
Ground Floor
1. Physical Chemistry Lab (UG)
2. Organic Chemistry Lab (UG)
3. Inorganic Chemistry Lab (UG)
4. Industrial Chemistry Lab (UG)
5. Physical Chemistry Lab (PG)
6. Organic Chemistry Lab (PG)
7. Research Lab



First Floor

1. Physics Lab (UG)
2. Dark Room (Physics)
3. B.G. Room
4. Electronics Lab (UG)
5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
6. Computer Science Lab  (UG)
7. Computer Science Lab (PG)
8. Research Lab – Thin Film and MaterialScience, Solar Cell Studies
9. Zoology Lab (UG)
10. Fishery Lab (UG)



Third Floor

1. Microbiology Lab UG
2. Microbiology  Lab PG-I
3. Microbiology  Lab PG-II
4. Biotechnology Lab PG
5. Bio-informatics
6. Cell – Tissue Lab
7. Instrumentation Room
8. PG Research Lab
9. Botany Lab UG
10. Food Processing Lab

IMG_3285 IMG_3288

dayanand lab (1) dayanand lab (2)

dayanand lab (3) dayanand lab (5)