Grievience Redressal


The Grievance redressal cell committee is formed by the Principal, Dr. J. S. Dargad. This committee receives and redresses complaints of students, nonteaching staff and teaching staff. The committee impulse all the staff and students to solve their grievances by mutual understanding so as to avoid farther complications.

Committee: (2017-18 & 2018-19)

Sr.No Name of Member Designation
1. Princpal Dr. J.S.Dargad Chairman
2. Dr. M.A.Bembade Co-ordinator
3. Dr. C.S.Swami Member
4. Prof. M.M.Pandit Member
5. Dr. N.S.Korde Member

Work Done

Sr.No Name Of Activities Date
1. Complaint received from teaching staff against teaching staff regarding misconduct. Grievance redressed cell committee suggested to solve the matter by mutual understanding.The matter was solved by mutual understanding. 27.04.2017
2. Complaint received from student against nonteaching staff and teaching staff.The matter was regarding sexual harassment so matter handed over to Antargat Mahila Takrar Niwaran Samiti. 28.04.2017
3. Complaint received from student regarding college uniform.The matter was solved by changing college uniform. 22.01.2018
4. Complaint received from student regarding cleanliness in the college campus.The matter was solved by informing cleaning committee and matter solved by cleaning the college campus. 07.09.2018