Examination Cell

  • The examination committee conducts S.R.T.M. university examination as per their guidelines. In each academic year two examination, winter exam. In the month of Oct. to Dec. and summer in the month of March-May.

    The examination committee also conducts college examination like unit test, Internal examination, Pre-annual exam. Etc. Principal of our institute is appointed as Chief superintend and assistant Chief superintend from the panel of examination committee members. CS runs the all activities during the examination.

    Examination Committee 2018 - 19

    Sr.No Name of Member Designation
    01 Dr. J. A. Angulwar Chairman
    02 Dr. G.H. Bane Co-ordinator
    03 Dr. R. K.Jadhav Member
    04 Dr. S. N. Ibatte Member
    05 Prof S. K. Alane Member
    06 Dr. R. S. Shinde Member
    07 Prof. R. R. Shetkar Member
    08 Prof. Miss A.G. Siddiqui Member
    09 Prof. Miss S. D. Lokhande Member

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    As per university guidelines internal assessments of students is carried out. Internal Exam Committee conducts internal assessment through exams, assignments, seminar, etc. Every Semester two internal exams are conducted.

    Committee (2018-2019)

    Sr.No Name of Member Designation
    01 Dr. R.V. Solunke Chairman
    02 Dr. V.A. Chaudhari Co-ordinator
    03 Prof. R. K. Jadhav Member

    Activities (2018-2019)

    Sr.No Name of Activities Date
    01 To conduct the Meeting twice in the year 24.08.2018 & 08.12.2018
    02 Collect the Marks Sheets of all departments twice in the year Co-ordinator

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