Rules of Discipline

  • 1

    It is always necessary to carry the Identity card.

  • 2

    It is obligatory for students to show Identity Card if asked by teaching and non-teaching member of the college.

  • 3

    Any act which will disturb the academic work of the college is strictly banned.

  • 4

    Moving in the corridors during class hours is strictly prohibited.

  • 5

    Any act which leads to damage of the college building and property is banned.

  • 6

    Strict discipline in the class-room during teaching is to be maintained

  • 7

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  • 8

    Decent behaviour with the teaching, non-teaching staff and girl students is expected.

  • 9

    Smoking and chewing tobacco in the campus is strictly prohibited.

  • 10

    In case of difficulties, student should consult respective heads of the departments.

  • 11

    Student has to follow the rules set by the library.

  • 12

    Discipline is expected on the ground during sport activities.

  • 13

    The students have to park their vehicles in notified parking area.

  • 14

    Inauguration of the student’s council will be a combined event of Arts, Commerce and Science colleges.

  • 15

    The decision regarding inauguration of gathering are usually taken in a joint meeting of student council members, concerned teachers and principal

  • 16

    In case of difficulties, student should consult respective heads of the departments.

  • 17

    Students should attend their classes as per the division and subjects notified for them.

  • 18

    Students are not allowed to carry weapons with them. If found, are liable for legal action.

  • 19

    Admission is cancelled if the student is absenting without prior permission for the classes for more than a week except in case of medical reason.

  • 20

    It is compulsory to have 75% attendance in compulsory and optional subjects. Permission to appear for University examination is not granted if the attendance is less than 75%.

  • 21

    If the students remain absent for unit tests or pre-annual examination, dues will be collected from them.

  • 22

    Any sort of physical and mental torture (ragging) is a crime. In case of any complaint, legal action will be taken.