Dept. of Zoology and Fishery

Welcome to Department of Zoology & Fishery Sci. Dayanand Science College, Latur.  The Department of Zoology & Fish. Sci. is one of the oldest department since the establishment of the college i.e. from 1961.

Following dignitaries have worked as Head Of Zoology & Fish. Sci. Department in chronological order.

Sr.No. Name Duration
1. Shri. Umapati Rao 1961-1963
2. Shri. Kantrao Bukey 1963-1965
3. Shri. V.S. Bhale 1965-1998
4. Shri. S.R. Wadikar 1998-2003
5. Shri. V.V. Kapse 2003-2004
6. Dr. R.V. Kirtane 2004-2011
7. Dr. R.V. Solunke 2011 to till date.

  • The department of Zoology & Fish. Sci. has a good reputation and good academic performance in the region.  Our staff takes all possible efforts for the over all development of students.
  • The department has well furnished staff room and two laboratories we have departmental library in addition to central library.
  • The department has well established museum.
  • The department museum has rare and prominent animal collection.
  • The Zoology & Fish. Sci. department is a spacious department with built up area of 215.9 sq.ft.
  • The Department organizes educational tour every year.
  • Department organizes many academic events like seminar & conferences.
  • Department had Successfully organized one day syllabus workshop on 25th September 2009.
  • Department had successfully organized Two day National conference on challenges to Biodiversity Conservation on 5th& 6th 2011.
  • To Provide Practical Application, department had organized a three day field zoology workshop for the degree students of our district.
  • The different facilities available in the department are Autoclave, Oven, calorimeter, Electronic balance, models, charts, specimens, permanent slides, microscopes, Research microscopes, microtome.
  • The Department is well equipped with the advanced technical aids like L.C.D. projector, one Laptop, one Computer with internet facility.
Name: Dr. R. V. Solunke
Designation: Asso.Prof
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D
Bio-data: Download Here
Name: Dr. Miss. R. V. Kirtane
Designation: Assi.Prof
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Bio-data: Download Here
Name: Shri. Acharya K. V.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.F.Sc.
Bio-data: Download Here
Name: Suryawanshi Santosh Madhavrao
Designation:  Lab Assistant
Qualification:  B.Sc.
  Name:  Shinde Laxman B.
Designation:  Lab Attendant
Qualification: H.S.C.
Name:  Sangave Govind Adinath
Designation:  Lab Attendent (Tem.)
Qualification: B.A.
 Name: Shaikh Hakkani J.
Designation:  Lab Attendent (Tem.)
Qualification: S. S. C.



  • Organized one guest lecture on higher education system  in U.S.A and scope for Indian students  by shrinivas kolpuke(U.S) on 13-08-2017
  • Organized one guest lecture on  “Endangered and rare species” from mandar kulkarni, biodiversity expert on 03-09-2016
  • Organized one guest lecture on “poisonous and non poisonous” snake from latur city by Rahul Kamble, member of biodiversity committee latur district for degree student on 03-09-2016

Co-curricular activities conducted by the Department


  • Department organized “BLUE REVOLUTION” workshop of 3days for farmers and students in collaboration with dept of fishery govt of Maharashtra on 26,27,28 nov2017 (UGC-CPE-SKILL DEVELOPMENT)


  • Organized one day short study tour to show artificial breeding by hypophysation Method at majalgoan fish form for students on date 29-08-2017


  • Organized one field visit to study pond ecosystem and study of migratory birds at kavha lake latur with wildlife experts on date 27-08-17
  • Organized one visit to local fish market for the students of fishery science on 31-08-2017

Research paper published:-

  • Dr R V Solunke –   published one international research paper
  • Dr R V Kirtane  –   published one international research paper
  • Prof K V Acharya- published one international research paper
  • Dr R V Kirtane attended international conference at kumarswami mahavidhyalay,Ausa at 26-27Dec 2017
  • Prof K V Acharya attended international conference at kumarswami mahavidhyalay,Ausa at 26-27Dec2017
  • Dr R V Solunke elected as member of board of studies in zoology in S R T M U Nanded (19dec-2017)
  • Dr R V Kirtane  nominated as member of board of studies in fishery science  in S R T M U Nanded .
  • Dr R V Kirtane attended  International Conferences on”RECENT ADVANCES IN FOOD,HERBLE,AND NANO TECNOLOGY”at college of computer science and information technology,latur on 12-13 january2018
  • Dr  R V Kirtane received district level award of ideal teacher from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vicharmanch on September 2016
  • Dr  R V Kirtane attended one national conference on biotechnology at COSCIT college latur on 26,27,nov-2016
  • Prof S D Bondage attended one day workshop on CBCS pattern organized by SRTMUN and dayanand arts college
  • Prof S D Bondage published one research paper in international journal of science and research,online journal title physico-chemical status of various borewell water from latur district,Maharashtra india  volume5 issue 11,nov2016
  • Prof  Acharya k v published two international papers in IJSER international journal of scientific and engineering research in volume 7 sept 2016

Blue Revolution workshop

Majalgoan Tour pics