Dept. of Physics

Dayanand Science College is one of the few single faculty science colleges in the Marathwada Region. The Department of Physics was established in the year 1961.The department has its large contribution in the development of the college. Department of Electronics and Department of Computer

Science were established in 1978 and 1999 under the umbrella of this department presently they are working as separate departments. Following were the HODs who contributed their valuable services to the Department of Physics.

Shri. S.V. Bhide 1961-62
Shri. A.B.Shah 1962-64
Shri. K.H. Purohit 1964-67
Shri. R.H. Ladda 1967-2000
Shri. S.H. Jaju 2000-2006
Shri. S.V. Deshmukh 2006-2010

From  2010,  Shri. K.N. Rathod  is  leading  the  department as Head.


Shri. K.H. Purohit  continued the office of HOD till he was appointed as the first Principal of the independent Dayanand Scinece College in 1967. He initiated the development of the infrastructure of Laboratory as well as the academics. In 1967, Shri. R.H. Ladda took the charge of HOD. He continued the development of the department under the dynamic leadership and guidance of Principal K.H. Purohit. In the tenure of  Shri. R.H. Ladda the department progressed vertically and horizontally. In the year 1978, a new applied subject “Electronics” was started    as   one   of   the   optional   subjects  at  UG   level.  Shri. R.S. Namjoshi, Shri. S.H. Jaju and Shri. S.V. Deshmukh took immense efforts in establishing the Laboratory of Electronics. The college was one of the only two colleges, offering Electronics  at  UG  level  in  the  Marathwada  University,  Aurangabad  at  that time.

In  establishing and developing the Computer centre Prof. S.V. Deshmukh and faculty of the Dept. has taken enormous effects.

The staff members, who have contributed to the department with their noteworthy services and retired, are Shri. R.S. Namjoshi, Shri. P.V. Kulkarni, Shri. S.H. Jaju, Shri. A.D. Kalkote, Shri. S.V. Deshmukh They all were excellent teachers in their subjects.

While in the office of HOD, Shri. R.H. Ladda was appointed as the third   Principal  of  the  college.  After   his  retirement  as  Principal   and   HOD, Shri. S.H. Jaju took over the charge of HOD in the year 2000. He was assisted by Shri. S.V. Deshmukh as I/C HOD of Electronics and Computer Science.

After that the Department is now housed in a new building of Laboratory Complex and is headed by Shri. K.N. Rathod. He is assisted by Dr.V.A. Chaudhari, Dr. V.D. Mote and five more faculty members on C.H.B.

Faculty Members

01_Physics_003-Prof.-Rathod-Kashinath-Nura Name: Shri. K. N. Rathod
Designation: Asso.Prof
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed.
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02_Physics_020-Prof.-Lt.Dr.-Vijendra-Anant-Chaudhari Name: Dr. V. A. Chaudhari
Designation: Assi.Prof
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.
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03_Physics_023-Prof.-Dr.-Vishwanath-Dattu-Mote Name: Dr. V. D. Mote
Designation: Ass. Prof.
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.
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04_Physics_053-Dr.-Patil-Amol-Vishnudas Name: Shri. Dr. Patil A. V.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.
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05_Physics_050-Prof.-Miss.-Kunale Name: Miss. Kunale R. A.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. (Appear)
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06_Physics_060-Prof.-Mrs.-Shrimangal-Meenakshi-Shankarrao Name: Miss. Shrimangal M. S.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.
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07_Physics_045-Prof.-Pallavi-Manohar-Dalvi Name: Miss. Dalvi P. M.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.Sc.
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08_Physics_064-Prof.-Pawar-Sanjiv-Digambarrao Name: Shri. Pawar S. D.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.
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09_Physics_Shri.-Sarje-Sudharshan-Chatrabhuj Name:  Shri. Sarje Sudharshan Chatrabhuj
Designation:  Lab.Assistant
Qualification:  B.A.
10_Physics_Shri.-Kendre-Babu-Dhondiram Name:  Shri. Kendre Babu Dhondiram
Designation:  Lab.Attendant
Qualification:  7th Class.
11_Physics_Shri.-Pawar-Rajaram-Sitaram Name:  Shri. Pawar Rajaram Sitaram
Designation:  Lab.Attendant.
Qualification:  S.S.C.


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