Dept. of Mathematics

Dayanand Science College is an effective educational unit of Dyanand Eductaion Society. It is a famous single faculty college of Science in the Marathwada Region since 1961. The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1961.
The department has its great contribution in enhancing the popularity of the College. This faculty has given the best results which has enriched the name of the institute. Our department has added many features of results in the Cap of the college.
Following were the HODs who contributed their precious service to the department of Mathematics.

Sr. No. Name of HoD, Duration
1. Shri. G. B. Tembhurnikar 1961 – 1969
2. Shri. B. K. Bondge 1969 – 2000
3. Shri. R. K. Tandle 2000 – 2003
4. Miss. S. B. Birajdar 2003 – 2005
5. Shri. V. D. Gaikwad 2005 – 2013
6. Dr. S. S. Bellale 2013 – till today

Shri. G. B. Tembhurnikar was appointed as the first HOD of Mathematics department. He tried his best level for uplipment of results and for the welfare of students. He initiated in creating love for Mathematics in minds of students.
In 1969 Shri. B. K. Bondge took the charge of HOD. He continued the development of the department under the guidance of Principal K. H. Purohit. He was the only man not only in his department but also in the city who has completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics. He also was guide for Ph.D. because of his love for knowledge, he was appointed as Vice – Principal during 1997 – 2000. He was appointed as in charge Principal on 01.06.2000 and continued up to 16.10.2000. He was appointed as Principal on 17.10.2000 and he remained as Principal up to his retirement on 31.05.2001. He was the perfect academician. He worked as the camp officer many years in Control Assessment of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad and and Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. He also received the award of excellence for this work. Dr. Bondge servered as Head 30 years.
Shri. R. K. Tandle was appointed as HOD in 2000. He also tried to make the department library rich. He was retired in 2003.
Miss. S. B. Birajdar was appointed as HOD in the year 2003. She completed all the necessary departmental documentation and presented in front of NAAC peer team in the Jan-2004.
Shri. V. D. Gaikwad is appointed as HOD in 2005. He has done his M.Phil. in the year 2007.

Since 2013 Dr. S. S. Bellale his appointed as a head his leading this department now. He established Mathematics research sub-center this department for Ph.D. & M. Phil. Three Ph.D. Students and two M. Phil. Students are working for research in the department. He established the separate Mathematics department for the senior college. He is trying to establish P.G. for Mathematics department. He got major research project of U.G.C. which is the first major research project in the S.R.T.M.U.N. in Mathematics.

About the Department:-

            The Department of Mathematics is he prominent Department in SRTM University, Nanded for UG,PG and Ph.D. level programs. This department runs one year career oriented program (COP) in MATLAB training. This department has active research center which is in collaboration with various National and International research centers. The faculty members of this department have given invited talk in the international conferences in different countries like USA, Korea, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Malaysia, Romania, Oman, Thailand, Iran, Singapore etc. In the last four years, this department organized 03 Ph.D. course works. The department has organized 05 regional seminar competitions for UG and PG students. In 2017 Department organized the International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Its Applications ICMAA-2017 in this Conference 450 participants, participated and 250 papers were presented. Nearly about 17 abroad participants were participated.

Name: Dr. Bellale Sidheshwar Sangramappa
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed.,Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor
Specialization: Differential Equation, Integral Equation, Algebra,
Bio-data: Download Here
Name: Prof. Vijaysinh Digamber Gaikwad
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil., Mathematics
Designation: Assistant Professor
Specialization: Ordinary differential, Graph Theory
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Name: Prof. Radhika Hariprasad Baldawa
Qualification: M.Sc.-Maths, B.Ed.
Designation: Assistant professor (Contract Basis)
Specialization: Pure Mathematics
Bio-data: Download Here
Name: Prof. Audumbar Kumar Mule
Qualification: M.Sc.- Maths, CSIR-UGC-NET
Designation: Assistant professor (Contract Basis)
Specialization: Pure Mathematics
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Name: Prof. Shivprasad Prabhu Birajdar
Qualification: M.Sc.-Maths.
Designation: Assistant professor (Contract Basis)
Specialization: Pure Mathematics
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Name: Prof. Ashvini Umakant Herkar
Qualification: M.Sc.- Maths.
Designation: Assistant professor (Contract Basis)
Specialization: Pure Mathematics
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Name: Prof. Bhagyashri S. Patil
Qualification: M.Sc.-Maths, NET
Designation: Assistant Professor
Specialization: Differential Equation, Integral Equation
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Departmental Staff

Name: Shri. Shaikh Mohsin Shabbir
Qualification: H.S.C.,
Designation: Lab Assistant (IQAC-NAAC) (Computer Operator)
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Name: Shri. Hake Tukaram Dagdu
Qualification: H.S.C
Designation: Peon
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Papers for UG Programme

Sr. No. Paper No. Name of Papers Name of Teacher
B.Sc. I Year
Sem – I
1 I (MT101) Differential Calculus Dr. S.S. Bellale
2 II (MT102) Algebra and Trignometry Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
Sem – II
3 III (MT103) Integral Calculus Dr. S.S. Bellale
4 IV (MT104) Geometry Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
5 V (MT105) Practical on MATLAB Dr. S.S. Bellale
B.Sc. II Year
Sem – III
6 VI (MT201) Real Analysis – I Dr. S.S. Bellale
7 VII (MT202) Group Theory Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
8 VIII (MT202) Ordinory Differential Equations Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
Sem – IV
9 IX (MT204) Real Analysis – II Dr. S.S. Bellale
10 X (MT205) Ring Theory Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
11 XI (MT206) Partial Differential Equations Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
12 XII (MT207) Practical on MATLAB Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
B.Sc. III Year
Sem – V
13 XIII (MT301) Metric Spaces Dr. S.S. Bellale
14 XIV (MT302) Linear Algebra Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
15 XV (MT303B) Mechanics – I Dr. S.S. Bellale
Sem – VI
16 XVI (MT304) Numerical Analysis Dr. S.S. Bellale
17 XVII (MT305) Laplace Transformation Prof. V.D. Gaikwad
18 XVIII (MT306B) Mechanics – II (Dyanamics) Dr. S.S. Bellale
19 XIX (MT307) Practical on MATLAB Dr. S.S. Bellale

Paper for PG:-

Sr. No. Name of Papers Paper Number Name of Teachers
Sem – I
1. Abstract Algebra I (Group & Ring Theory) I Dr. J.N. Salunke
2. Real Analysis II Mr. S.P. Birajdar
3. Ordinary Differential Equation III Miss. R.H. Baldawa
4. Complex Analysis I IV Mr. A.K. Mule
5. Dynamics and Continuum Mechanics I V (B) Dr. S.S. Bellale
Sem – II
6. Linear Algebra VII Miss. B.S. Patil
7. Measure and Integration Theory VIII Mr. S.P. Birajdar
8. Partial Differential Equations IX Miss. R.H. Baldawa
9. Complex Analysis II X Mr. A.K. Mule
10. Dynamics and Continuum Mechanics II XI (B) Dr. S.S. Bellale
Sem – III
11. Functional Analysis XIII Mr. A.K. Mule
12. Topology XIV Dr. J.N. Salunke
13. Analytical Number Theory XV (A) Dr. S.S. Bellale
14. Fluid Mechanics I XVI (A) Mr. S.P. Birajdar
15. Integral Transform XVII (A) Miss. R.H. Baldawa
Sem – IV
16. Numerical Analysis XIX Mr. A.K. Mule
17. Abstract Algebra II (Field Theory) XX Prof. S.P. Birajdar
18. Classical Mechanics XXI (A) Dr. S.S. Bellale
19. Fluid Mechanics II XXII (A) Miss. R.H. Baldawa
20. Integral Equations XXIII (A) Miss. A.U. Herkar
21. Tutorial- I,II,III & Project Work All above faculty

 Papers for COC:-

Sr. No. Name of Papers Paper Number Name of Teachers
1. MATLAB Programming for Engineers I Dr. S.S. Bellale
2. MATLAB an Introduction with  Applications II Prof. R.H. Baldawa
3. MATLAB and Its Applications in Engineering III Prof. S.P. Birajdar
4. COC MATLAB Practicals IV Prof. A.K. Mule

Evaluation Report

Download Department Evaluation Report

COC- MATLAB Syllabus

UG (B.Sc Ist, IInd, IIIrd year)

M. Phil.D.

MATLAB Training Course

Sc. Mathematics


Departmental Mathematics of offers following Research Journals in Collaboration with Balaghat Mathematical Sciences Development Society of India.

1) International Journal of Universal Science and Technology

2) International Journal of Universal Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences.

Madhava Mathematical Competition.

Marathwada Mathematical Seminar Competition.

Ramanujan Mathematical Seminar Competition.

Co-curricular Activities Conducted by the Departments

International Conference on

Research Center and Laboratories

Department has research centers in Mathematics there are 18 student are working in this research center for Ph.D.

Sr. No. Name Course Specilization
1. Ms. S.B. Birajdar Ph.D. Measure Integro-Differential Equations
2. Mr. V.B. Patare Ph.D. Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations
3. Mr. G.P. Kamble Ph.D. Milan & Hardies Tranformations
4. Mr. G.B. Dapke M.Phil. Existance Result of Measure Differential Equations
5. Ms. N.A. Patil M.Phil. Nonlinear Functional Quadratic Equations
6. Mr. M.K. Suryawanshi Ph.D. Nonlinear Differential Equations
7. Mr. R.M. Reddy Ph.D. Fixed Point Theory
8. Ms. A.R. Maka Ph.D. Integral Equations With MATLAB
9. Mr. N.S. Pimple Ph.D. Differential in Equalities
10. Mr. G.B. Dapke Ph.D. Integro Differential Equation
11. Mr. D.M. Suryawanshi Ph.D. Nonlinear Differential Equation
12. Ms. S.S. Yachawad Ph.D. Differential & Integral Equations
13. Mr. S.V. Kendre Ph.D. Random Fixed Point Theory
14. Mr. P.M. More Ph.D. Fractional Differential Equation
15. Mr. A.S. Thosare Ph.D. Integral Equation
16. Mr. S.N. Kondekar Ph.D. Fixed Point Theory
17. Ms. Af. Mk. Siddiqui Ph.D. Random Fixed Point Theory
18. Mr. S.P. Shinde