Dept. of Electronics

The Department of Electronics was established in the year 1978, under the Department of Physics and was headed by Prof. R.H. Ladda. Shri. R.S. Namjoshi, , Shri.S.H. Jaju and Shri. S.V. Deshmukh and K.N. Rathod took enormous efforts in establishing and developing the UG Laboratory of Electronics. The college was one of the only two colleges, offering Electronics as one of the optional subject at UG Level in Marathwada University Aurangabad .

In the year 2000 Shri. S.H. Jaju has taken the charge of HOD after retirement of Prof. R. H. Ladda. In the year 2006, Shri. S. V. Deshmukh took over the charge of HOD of Physics. He was assisted by Shri. J. S. Dargad as I/C HOD of Electronics. In the year 2010, Shri. S. V. Deshmukh retired and Shri. K. N. Rathod took over the office of HOD of Physics. At the same time, Shri. J.S. Dargad was given a full fledged charge of Head of the Department of Electronics. He is assisted by one faculty member Dr. Thakre L. V.

            The Electronics Laboratory is fully equipped with all necessary equipment for performing Analog and digital experiments at UG-level.

Dr. J.S. Dargad

Faculty Members

001_Electronics_001-Dr.Jaiprakash-Shivprasad-Dargad Name: Dr. J. S. Dargad
Designation: Principal
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
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002_Electronics_021-Prof.-Dr.-Thakre-Lalit-Venkatrao Name: Dr. L. V. Thakare
Designation: Assi.Prof
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., LLB.
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003_Electronics_061-Prof.-Miss.-Mirikar-Shilpa-Ashokkumar Name: Miss. Mirikar S. A.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.(Appearing)
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004_Electronics_052-Prof.-Miss.-Shinde-S.D Name: Miss. Shinde S. D.
Designation: C.H.B. Lect.
Qualification: M.Sc.
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005_Electronics_Shri.-Sarje-Sudharshan-Chatrabhuj Name:  Shri. Sarje Sudharshan Chatrabhuj
Designation:  Lab.Assistant
Qualification:  B.A.
006_Electronics_Shri.-Nadgire-Ashok-Parmeshwarappa Name:  Shri. Nadgire Ashok Parmeshwarappa
Designation:  Lab.Attendant
Qualification:  9th Class.
007_Electronics_Shri.-Nagtilak-Sukdhev-Namdev Name:  Shri. Nagtilak Sukdhev Namdev
Designation:  Lab.Attendant
Qualification:  S.S.C.

Evaluation Report

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