Dept. of Botany

The Department of Botany is the oldest Department established with the establishment of the College in 1961. From its establishment, following dignitaries gave their valuable contribution as

Head of this Department:

            Name Duration
1. Shri. Salunke 1961 – 1962
2. Shri. Kandhare 1962 – 1964
3. Shri. T. S. Kadge 1964 – 1970
4. Dr. G. M. Tukshetty 1970 – 1989
5. Dr. T. B. Sankaye 1989 – 2002
6. Dr. P. C. Dube 2002 – 2004
7. Shri. V. M. Ingole 2004 – 2005
8. Shri. S. K. Alane 2005 – 2011
9. Dr. C.S. Swami 2011 – till date

All the above-mentioned heads as well as the entire staff gave a significant contribution in the development of the Department. They devoted for the overall development of the students and creation of subject interest among them. One of the Staff members of this Department Dr. G.M. Tukshetty worked as Principal of this College.

Since its establishment, the Department has good reputation and good academic performance in the region. It has a good record of results in University Examinations. In the University Examination (Summer-2009), Student of this Department Miss. Gaikwad Suvarna Vyankatrao secured highest marks in the subject Botany and secured Gold Medal awarded by the University.

The Department has a highly qualified staff. They are actively engaged in teaching as well as research. Dr. C.S. Swami has completed a minor research project sanctioned by UGC. Prof. S.K. Alane is working for Ph.D. and his work is under progress. The staff participates in different seminars, conferences and workshops. They have published their research papers in reputed national and international journals. The Department organized a National Seminar on ‘Role of Life Forms in Controlling Pollution’ in August 2018.

The Department is spacious with buildup area of 215 sq. meters. It is having a well-furnished staff room, a store room and two laboratories with all infrastructural facilities. The laboratories are provided with all the necessary equipments along with glassware and basic requirements like running water, electricity, etc. The Laboratories are provided with Charts, Models, Plant Specimens, Fossil Specimens, Permanent Slides, Camera Lucida , Multiple copies of Dissecting and Compound Microscopes, a Binocular Research Microscope, a Trinocular Research Microscope with Camera, Microtome Machine, Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, Laminar Air Flow, B.O.D. Incubator, Tilak Air Sampler, Electronic Balance, Spectrophotometer, Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter, Centrifuge, Water Distillation Apparatus, pH Meter, etc. Tray drying oven, Deep Freezer, Pulper, Mixer, Juicer etc. are also available.

The Department is also provided with advanced facilities like Computers, Laptop, Broadband internet facility and LCD Projector. These tools are used by the staff in the process of teaching. It makes teaching-learning process effective and interesting. We have Departmental library, which consists of more than 170 reference books on various aspects of Botany. Two reputed six-monthly Journals are also available for reference to the staff and students. A Botanical Garden is established by the Department. It is situated on an area of 7400 Sq. ft. at the eastern side of the College.

The Department organizes Study Tours each year for study of wide variety of plants and collection of plant specimens. Visits to Research Centre are also arranged. Guest Lectures of experts are organized. In addition to this, Soil and Water Testing Camps and Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme for girl students are also organized by the Department.

Name: Dr. C. S. Swami
Designation: Associate Professor and Head
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.
Bio-data: Download Here
Name: Shri. S. K. Alane
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., NET.
Bio-data: Download Here
Name: Miss. A.S. Kamble
Designation:  Assistant Professor (C.H.B.)
Qualification: M.Sc.
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Name: Mr. G. V. Gaikwad
Designation: Assistant Professor (C.H.B.)
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed.
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Name:  Miss. Kshirsagar Surekha Hariharrao
Designation:  Lab. Assistant
Qualification:  B.Sc.
Name:  Shri. Bhalerao Nagnath Damaji
Designation:  Lab. Attendent
Qualification:  S.S.C.
Name:  Mane Rajkumar Santram
Designation: Peon
Qualification:  H.S.C., M.L.T.


B. Sc.

Organization of Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme for Girl Students.

Co-curricular activities conducted by the Department:

Organization of Study Tours.

Visits to Research Centres.

Organization of Guest Lectures.

Research Center and Laboratories:

Two Laboratories for UG classes.

List of research equipments procured through various funding agencies: Nil