Department of Zoology & Fishery

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    Welcome to Department of Zoology & Fishery Sci. Dayanand Science College, Latur. The Department of Zoology & Fish. Sci. is one of the oldest department since the establishment of the college i.e. from 1961.

    Following eminent persons headed the department.

    Shri. Umapati Rao 1961-1963
    Shri. Kantrao Bukey 1963-1965
    Shri. V.S. Bhale 1965-1998
    Shri. S.R. Wadikar 1998-2003
    Shri. V.V. Kapse 2003-2004
    Dr. R.V. Kirtane 2004-2011
    Dr. R.V. Solunke 2011 till date.

    The department of Zoology & Fish. Sci. has a good reputation and good academic performance in the region. Our staff takes all possible efforts for the overall development of students. The department has well-furnished staff room and two laboratories. We have departmental library in addition to central library. The department has well established museum which has rare and prominent animal collection. The Zoology & Fish. Sci. department is a spacious department with built up area of 215.9 sq. ft. and is well equipped with the advanced technical aids like L.C.D. projector, Laptop, Computer with internet facility. The different facilities available in the department are Autoclave, Oven, calorimeter, Electronic balance, models, charts, specimens, permanent slides, microscopes, Research microscopes, microtome.

    The department is having three well equipped laboratories with all infrastructural facilities. The laboratories are provided with all the necessary equipment along with glassware’s and basic requirements like running water, electricity etc. Multiple copies of compound microscope, Pathological microscope, Binocular microscope, dissecting microscope, soil testing kit, colorimeter, BP measurement, hygrometer, Thermometer, Hemocytometer, camera lucida, centrifuge machine, Fish measuring board, electronic balance, pH meter, stethoscope various charts, animals models, human skeleton model, animal specimen of different phyla, permanent slides. Department has well equipped museum in which formalin preserved animals like marine fishes, python, different snakes species etc.

    Department has equipped aquarium with different ornamental fish species etc. one lab is supported by LCD projector which is used by the staff in process of teaching like animations, PowerPoint presentation presentations, case study videos and computer aided techniques related to syllabus to study different ecosystems, to observe events like bird migrations the dept. organizes field trips, study tours regularly. Few visits are also made to research centers and fish culture farms, wet labs etc. Guest lecturers of expertise from different fields are also arranged. To study Biodiversity and its conservations, workshops like Field Zoology for students of this area had been organized as an attempt of practical approach to improve the overall skill for Apiculture and Aquaculture workshops are organized for farmers and students.

  • Name Dr.R.V.Solunke
    Designation HOD
    Qualification M.Sc,Ph.D
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  • Name Dr.Miss.R.V.Kirtane
    Designation Assistant Professor
    Qualification M.Sc,B.Ed,M.Phil,Ph.D
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  • Name Dr.Miss.S.B.Jadhav
    Designation Assistant Professor
    Qualification M.Sc,B.Ed,M.Phil,Ph.D
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  • Name SHRI. ACHARYA K. V.
    Designation C.H.B. LECT.
    Qualification M.F.SC.
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  • Name DR. JADHAV S.D.
    Designation C.H.B. LECT
    Qualification M.SC.,NET
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    Designation LAB. ASSISTANT
    Qualification B.SC
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  • Name SHRI. SHINDE L.B.
    Designation LAB ATTENDENT
    Qualification S.S.C.
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    Designation LABS ATTEND
    Qualification B.A.
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    Designation PEON
    Qualification SSC
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  • Educational tour :

    • Visit to Maharashtra matsya beej utpadan kendra, Kesapuri Dist-Beed on 24/08/2017 to study and observe Induced Breeding and Hypophysation technoques in Indian Major carps.
    • Visit to pond ecosystem and Bird watching on Kawa dam to watch Migratory birds Flamingo.
    • Visit to Apiculture center Chakur Dist- Latur on 18/02/2018 to study Honey bee and its organization.

    Organized events/work shops, seminars and confrences :

    • Department had Successfully organized one day syllabus workshop on 25th September 2009.
    • Department had successfully organized Two day National conference on challenges to Biodiversity Conservation on 5th& 6th 2011.
    • To Provide Practical Application, department had organized a three day field zoology workshop for the degree students of our district.26- 28 October 2012.
    • Work shop on Blue Revolution for farmers and studens on 25,26,27 November 2017.
    • Workshop on Skill Enhancement for teachers and students on 6 august 2018 sponcered by UGC CPE & S.R.T.M.U. NANDED.
    • Guest lecters of expertise from different field are organized .

    Research Guide and Area of Research:

    Dr R V Solunke - parasitology

    Research Areas:

    Sr.No 1.
    Name of the Student V. R. Kumbhar
    Title of Thesis ‘Studies on Eco-Friendly Approaches for the Integrated Management of Fungal Diseases of Onion (Allium cepa L.)’
    Name of Guide Dr. C. S. Swami

    Infrastructure (list of sophisticated equipment) :

    • Pathological microscope.
    • Binocular microscope.
    • dissecting microscope.
    • soil testing kit, colorimeter.
    • Thermometer, camera lucida.
    • centrifuge machine.
    • electronic balance.
    • pH meter.

    Publications (Faculty Wise)

    DR. R. V. Solunke

    DR. R. V. Kirtane

    DR. S.B. Jadhav

    Prof. K. V. Acharya