Department of Mathematics


Sr.No Paper No. Name of Papers Name of Teacher
1. Abstract Algebra I (Group & Ring Theory) I Dr. J.N. Salunke
2. Real Analysis II Mr. S.P. Birajdar
3. Ordinary Differential Equation III Miss. R.H. Baldawa
4. Complex Analysis I IV Mr. A.K. Mule
5. Dynamics and Continuum Mechanics I V (B) Dr. S.S. Bellale
Sem- II
6. Linear Algebra VII Miss. B.S. Patil
7. Measure and Integration Theory VIII Mr. S.P. Birajdar
8. Partial Differential Equations IX Miss. R.H. Baldawa
9. Complex Analysis II X Mr. A.K. Mule
10. Dynamics and Continuum Mechanics II XI (B) Dr. S.S. Bellale
Sem- III
11. Functional Analysis XIII Mr. A.K. Mule
12. Topology XIV Dr. J.N. Salunke
13. Analytical Number Theory XV (A) Dr. S.S. Bellale
14. Fluid Mechanics I XVI (A) Mr. S.P. Birajdar
15. Integral Transform XVII (A) Miss. R.H. Baldawa
Sem- IV
16. Numerical Analysis XIX Mr. A.K. Mule
17. Abstract Algebra II (Field Theory) XX Prof. S.P. Birajdar
18. Classical Mechanics XXI (A) Dr. S.S. Bellale
19. Fluid Mechanics II XXII (A) Miss. R.H. Baldawa
20. Integral Equations XXIII (A) Miss. A.U. Herkar
21. Tutorial- I,II,III & Project Work --- All above faculty