Department of Industrial Chemistry


Sr.No Paper No. Name of Papers Status Name of Teacher
1. CCIC I (SectionA) Unit Operation -I P-I NIL Dr.A.M Chougule
2. CCIC I (SectionB) Process Calculations-I P-II NIL Mr. Dhekane .N.S
Sem- II
3. CCIC II (SectionA) Unit Operation-II P-III NIL Dr.A.M.Chougule
4. CCIC II (Section B) Process Calculations-II P-IV NIL Mr. Dhekane .N.S
5. CCIC P-I ( CCIC- I &II), (sectionA&B) Practical’s based on Section A & Section B of CCC- I & CCCC- II ( P-V) NIL Mr.R.K.Jadhav
Sem- III
6. CCIC III (Section A) Unit Operation -II(P-VI) NIL Mr.R.K. Jadhav
7. CCIC III (Section B) Theory Paper-VII Chemical Reaction Engineering(P-VII) NIL Dr.A.M. Chougule
8. CCICP- II [CCC III &IV (Section A) Practical’s based on P-VI &P-VIII (P-X) NIL Dr.A.M.Chougule
9. SECIC I SEC I (Anyone Skill from optional) NIL Mr.R.K.Jadhav
Sem- IV
10. CCIC IV (Section A) Theory Paper-VIII Unit Operation -IV - (P-VIII) NIL Dr.A.M. Chougule
11. Theory Paper-IX - Pollution Monitoring and Control -(P-IX) Fish technology processing NIL Mr.R.K.Jadhav
12. CCICP III [CCIC III & IV (Section B)] Practical’s based On P-VII &P-IX (P-XI) NIL Mr.R.K.Jadhav
13. SECIC II SEC II) (Anyone Skill from optional) NIL Mr.R.K.Jadhav
14. CCIC-V (Section-A) Unit Processes in Organic Synthesis P-XII NIL Mr. Dhekane N.S
15. CCIC-V (Section-B) Process Equipment & Design Process Instrumentation P-XIII-B NIL Mr.Jadhav R.K
16. CCIC-IV (CCIC V&VI) Practical based on P-XII&P-XIV P-XVI NIL Mr.R.K Jadhav , Mr. Dhekane. N.S & Dr. A.M.Chougule
17. CCIC-III (SEC-III) Fermentation,Pesticides,&Cosmetics Perfumes Industry NIL Mr .Jadhav .R.K
Sem- VI
18. CCIC-VI (Section-A) Unit Process in Inorganic Synthesis ,Drug ,Dyes& Industrial Synthesis P-XIV NIL Mr.N.S.Dhekane
19. CCIC-V (Section-A) SpectroScopy & Chromatography & Plant Utilities P-XV NIL Mr.R.K Jadhav , Mr. Jadhav R.K
20. CCIC-IV (CCIC V&VI) (Section-B) Practical based on P-XVII NIL Dr.A.M. Chougule
21. CCIC-IV (SEC-II) Industrial Skill for Data Analysis NIL Mr.Jadhav R.K