Department of Computer Science

B.Sc(IT) :

Sr.No Paper No. Name of Papers Status Name of Teacher
1. (BCSITO01) Problem Solving using Computers NIL Mrs. Jaju S.A.
2. (BCSITO02) Web Page Designing through HTML NIL Miss. Baheti P.A.
Sem- II
3. (BCSITO03) Programming in C NIL Mrs. Jaju S.A.
4. (BCSITO04) Analysis of Algorithm & Data Structure NIL Miss. Baheti P.A.
5. (BCSITO05) Practical based on P-II & P-III NIL Mrs. Jaju S.A.
Sem- III
6. (CCCS - III) SEC A Operating System NIL Miss. Kutwad A.G.
7. (CCCS - III) SEC B Programming in C++ NIL Mrs. Jaju S.A.
8. (CCCSP-II) SEC A Practical’s based on P-VI & P-VII NIL Mrs. Jaju S.A.
9. (SECCS – I) PC Installation & Networking NIL Miss. Kutwad A.G.
Sem- IV
10. (CCCS-IV) SEC A Computer Network NIL Miss. Kutwad A.G.
11. (CCCS-IV) SEC B Programming in Java NIL Mrs. Jaju S.A.
12. (CCCSP III) SEC B Practical’s based on P-VIII & P-IX NIL Mrs. Jaju S.A.
13. (SECCS – II) Digital Media NIL Miss. Kutwad A.G.
14. SEC –A (DECC) Software Engineering NIL Miss. Kutwad A.G.
15. SEC B (DECC) Visual Programming NIL Dr. Shinde R.B.
16. SEC – A SECCS -III Multimedia & Applications NIL Dr. Shinde R.B.
Sem- VI
17. SEC - A (DECC) Relational Database Management Systems & PL/SQL NIL Dr. Shinde R.B.
18. SEC - B (DECC) Computer System Security NIL Miss. Kutwad A.G
19. SEC – B SECCS -IV Office Automation Tools NIL Dr. Shinde R.B.
20. SEC A (CCCSP) Practical based on P-XII & P-XIII NIL Dr. Shinde R.B.
21. SEC B (CCCSP) Laboratory Course Work - V: Project Work NIL Miss. Kutwad A.G